Mini pill against Microsoft Kinect-secret weapon?

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Almost all the major cameras by 2013 with so-called “mini” version comes apparently narrowed Microsoft Surface mounting to release a smaller version of its range of Microsoft.

Chinese website WPDang on rumors that mini both face tracking and balancing hand packages will come with Kinect technology for.

That may mean that we haven’t seen the same gesture-based screen Dim when it has a bus, or a screen with video with the ability to switch to Samsung Galaxy S4, but look for those controls.

“Mini” saw that I most of this year’s mini version of as well as his elder brother keeps coming.
Mini name only?

The same site also claims that mini 8 inch mark will come with a small screen. it retina, with mini iPad 2 full HD resolution, against which his elder brother adorns while maintaining.
Other major features, not surprisingly, running on an Intel Bay route choose Windows RT 5.0.

These features also surface against the upcoming Tablet mini Nokia World 2010 (2014, KTM expects to occur) will take, though he said sources at my blog Nokia World 2010 has been cancelled.

In any case, it looks like Microsoft to dominate iPad with retina for preparing a new tablet, but Windows has the power to win RT 5.0?


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